MARCH 2019

The words “low alcohol probiotic fermented water kefir” don’t have a very sexy ring. Had the bottles been not so colourful, the taste so sharp nor the stallholder so cheery, the Good Stuff would have strodestraight past the Agua De Madre table at Hoxton Square Farmers Market in the balmy days of last years summer, none to wiser of this delicious and nutricious fizzy drink. It’s the brainchild of film director and producer, Nicola Hart, who learnt that the 2000 year old secrets of the drink’s origin were the pads of the Mexican Opuntia cactus. She also learnt how the technique of double-fermenting reduces sugar levels and ramps up the elements which are good for one’s digestive system, and gives the kefir its effervescence. At a mere 1.5% ABV it can be sipped solo on ice or mixed with mescal for a higher horsepower pre-prandial. “It is brewed with a maternal pride,” says Hart. “Hence the name.”

Agua can be found on menus in small bars and bistros in London and will soon be hitting the shelves of a deli or wine shop near you. The brand is expanding, as Nicola explains: “We are turning an archway in Hackney into our own fermentary, where we’ll hold workshops.”